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Print Poster Protective Sleeves in 12, 25 and 50 Piece Bundles - 8 Sizes

From $85.00

  • Print Protective Sleeve
  • .008 mil clear flexible vinyl
  • 2-sided 50 pt. thick, ph neutral cardboard print divider
  • Slot Loading: Slot is located on the shorter side
  • Extra locked stitching at stress points - prevents unraveling
  • Available in 8 Print Poster Sleeve Sizes
  • Cardboard Divider Colors: (Available in White or Black, for most sizes)
  • Poster Sleeve Size 40" x 50" SHIPS FREE FREIGHT

Classic Poster Sleeves

From $513.00

  • Archival Poster Sleeves Two-Sided Viewing
  • Lightweight Durable Clear Print Sleeves 9 Sizes
  • Ultra Violet Protective Crystal Clear Film:
  • Made with 175 Micron Polyester
  • Acid-Free 3mm Backing Board: White
  • 5 Sewn Binding Colors
  • Sleeve Sizes Bundled in 10 or 15 to a Box
  • Metal Corner Colors Available: Gold or Silver

Traditional Poster Print Sleeves

From $597.00

  • Poster Print Sleeves
  • Sizes Listed are Overall Size of Panel
  • Print Sleeves are made in one piece
  • Poster sleeves are built for everyday wear & tear
  • Acid-Free 2mm Backing Board: White
  • Ultra Violet Protective Crystal Clear Film: 175 Micron Polyester
  • Polypropylene (Hardened Plastic) Binding Color: Black
Archival Print Protector Sleeves, Archival Poster Sleeves, Archival Art Sleeves and Clear Photo Sleeves are some of the Protective Plastic Sleeves you’ll find on

Clear artwork sleeves are ideal print and poster sleeves for many of the floor standing storage bins and racks that we also offer on this website such as; art bins, poster bins and print bins. The plastic protectors offered are archival sleeves to help protect your posters, prints, maps, artwork, photos and graphics. has several styles of archive sleeves to fit your print requirements in addition these clear archival poster storage sleeves and sleeves for artwork come in many print holder sizes.

Why Use Print Protector Sleeves?
Print protectors are clear plastic or vinyl sleeves that are a simple and easy method for protecting your prints from everyday dust, dirt and scratches during storage and handling. These protective print sleeves are ideal for posters, artwork, maps, photographs, historical documents. They allow you to easily insert your printed materials into its protective pocket and are re-useable to help preserve and protect your artwork, as well as provide clear viewing without removing the print from the sleeve.

Art Print Protectors are Archival Quality and Acid Free, thus assuring your prints are “archival safe” -meaning these print storage sleeves will not react chemically with the enclosed art prints nor stick to the plastic print protectors. Also, the ink will resist from sticking to the plastic. We offer clear archival sleeves for artwork and sleeves for posters that are available in a wide assortment of sizes and provide the maximum protection and visual appeal. We recommend that any poster, print or artwork you choose to place into these sleeves, that you first test one protective print sleeve to confirm that it meets your archival standards.

We work with several vendor partners to present the finest archival print and poster sleeves. Clear sleeves for prints are high quality storage sleeves that can be seen throughout the country in national retail stores, museums stores, gift shops and sports memorabilia shops to art and photography galleries. If you have a collection of posters, prints, maps, documents or art prints that you would like to protect, the archival print and poster sleeves presented on our website provide clear protection. If you have any questions call SwingPanels customer service.

Print Sleeves, Poster Sleeves, Art Sleeves and Photo Sleeves are some of the Protective Plastic Sleeves you’ll find on


Classic Poster Sleeves & Print Sleeves

Poster Protector Sleeves and Print Protector Sleeves are 100% Archival
Classic Poster Sleeves and Print Sleeves are made from 100% archival and offer crystal clear viewing. The 3mm acid-free backing will help preserve your artwork and posters, while the anti-static the clear print sleeves is UV-Protective film to help protect your prints over time from natural sunlight and indoor lighting.

Display and Protect your Collection of Prints, Posters, Photos and Artwork
These Poster Sleeves, Art sleeves and Print Protector Sleeves are available in 9 popular clear print sleeve sizes. The print sleeve sizes offered will accommodate a wide rage of your maps, photos, posters, artwork, and documents. Classic Poster Storage Sleeves are ideal for storing and showcasing your posters and prints at retail stores, gift shops, museum stores or art galleries.

Archival Sleeves – Storage Protection and Two-Sided Viewing
You can display multiple prints per poster sleeve or just one art print per art sleeve. The clear UV-Protective poster holder sleeve plastic film is stitched into the acid free backing board divider allowing you to maximize your sleeve space by showcasing your prints on 2 sides of the poster sleeve. Once your posters are enclosed, they can be handled while still preserving the prints.

Sewn Borders Present Your Artwork, Prints and Posters In Style
Poster sleeves have a sewn binding border that comes in 6 popular colors. The clear protective sleeve film is stitched into a white backing board divider on 3 sides. The 4th side is un-stitched for poster insertion. The final touch to these archival print sleeves is the decorative metal corner finishes, available in a Silver or Gold finish. The lightweight plastic poster holders are made for everyday viewing and handling.

Print Poster Protector Sleeves (Clear Vinyl)

Clear Flexible Vinyl Sleeves Protects Your Posters and Prints
Print Protectors are .008 Mil clear flexible vinyl. The 2- sided ph neutral cardboard print divider comes standard with each sleeve. Poster Sleeves, Art Sleeves, Print and Photo Sleeves come in nine popular sizes to showcase and protect your posters and prints. Museum Gift Shops, Retail Stores, Art Galleries, Sports Memorabilia Stores and personal home use are some of the indoor locations you’ll find these protective plastic sleeves.

Display and Protect Single Print or Multiple Prints on Each Storage Sleeve
Depending on the print or poster sleeve size(s) you choose will determine whether you can display multiple prints per poster sleeve, or just one art print per poster sleeve side. The clear plastic vinyl sleeve has extra stitching at stress points to prevent unraveling. The border on each print protective sleeve comes in black. A 50 pt. thick cardboard divider is enclosed in the sleeve and comes in either White or Black but is only available on some print storage sleeve sizes.

Zippered Poster Sleeves & Print Sleeves

Vinyl Poster and Print Sleeves with Zippers Offers Extra Print Protection
If you require a extra protection from constant public handling, consider Print and Poster Sleeves with Zippers. These clear flexible Print Protectors are made with a .008 Mil clear flexible vinyl sheet. Each crystal clear print sleeve comes with a ph neutral cardboard print divider that allows two-sided viewing. Zippered Poster Sleeves, Art Sleeves and Print Protectors offer a convenient way to store. present and protect your photos, posters and prints. Museums, Gift Shops, Retail Stores, Art galleries, Sports Shops and personal home use are some of the locations you’ll find these zippered protective plastic sleeves.

Protect and Showcase Single Prints or Multiple Prints on Each Zippered Storage Sleeve
Depending on the print or poster sleeve size you choose will determine whether you can display multiple prints per sleeve, or just one print per zippered poster sleeve. Extra stitching at stress points, on each clear plastic vinyl sleeve is added to prevent unraveling. The border on each print protective sleeve comes in black. The poster & print sleeve includes a Black or White 50 pt thick cardboard divider. Zippered sleeves for posters and print storage sleeves come in three popular sizes.

Traditional Sleeves For Posters & Sleeves For Print with UV Protection

Traditional Archival Art Sleeves, Photo Sleeves, Print Sleeves and Poster Sleeves
Made in one piece, these traditional print protectors are archival storage sleeves that will help preserve your posters, prints, maps, artwork, photos and graphics. Print display sleeves come with a backing board. This 2mm thick board is acid free and will help preserve your prints while the anti-static crystal clear film sleeve (175 Micron Polyester) is UV-Protective to minimize the effects of sunlight and indoor lighting.

Protective Poster and Print Sleeve in Four Popular Storage Sizes
Traditional poster sleeves and print holders are available in 4 popular archival sleeve sizes; 19" x 24" | 22" x 30" | 30" x 40" | 32" x 40"Storage sleeves do more than protect your artwork and prints. These clear storage sleeves are made to display your posters, prints, maps, photography at retail stores, museums, art galleries as well as for private print & poster collections. Each protective print sleeve has black hardened plastic binding that will help protect your print collection from typical everyday browsing and handling. The print sleeve clear protective film is stitched on 3 sides into a white backing board divider, with the 4th side un-stitched for art print and poster placement. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

We Also Offer Floor Poster Bin, Art Bin or Print Bin to Hold and Display Your Posters and Prints
Swing Panels has a wide-range of Poster Bins, Art Bins, Print Bins and other storage bins to help you store and organize your poster and art print collections. These floor standing print holders come in numerous sizes with single bin and double bins to hold a hundred posters, maps, photos, and prints. Place your poster and prints enclosed in sleeves into the bin and easily flip through the collection. Many of the poster bins have casters to easily move your print and poster collection to another floor location. Browse the wide selection of the Poster Storage Displays and Print Storage Bins within this website. With so many choices, you’ll find a print display bin to meet your display storage needs and budget. Read More