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Floor Standing Poster Display Rack with Poster Bin Storage | 10 Swing Panels with 2-Sided Viewing

From $599.00

  • All Steel Construction with 10 Flip Panels
  • Poster Panel Size: 26" Wide x 37" High
  • Top Loading Panels + 120 Rolled Posters
  • 10 Swing Panels (Shows 20 Poster Images)
  • Poster Storage: Holds 120 rolled and sleeved posters

Floor Standing Swinging Poster Display with Poster Rack Bin Storage and 24 Portrait Size Panels 26 x 37 Two-Sided Viewing Flip Display

From $1,299.00

  • All Steel Swinging Poster Display Stand Construction
  • Poster Panel Size: 26" Wide x 37" High
  • Flip Display Panels are Top Load
  • 2-Sided: 24 Swing Panels with 48 Poster Images
  • Poster Bin Storage Holds 336 rolled, sleeved posters

Poster Storage Free-Standing Poster Rack Bin For Rolled Posters

From $207.32

  • Poster Storage Bin
  • Floor Rack for Posters
  • All steel construction with six compartments
  • Space Above Poster Bin for Your Graphics or Signage
  • Poster Storage Bin Finish: Black
  • Sign Board Header: 23 1/4" Wide x 13" High
  • Art Display Stand has 6 compartments to hold 12 rolled posters each
  • Poster Storage: Holds printed Art Murals or 72 rolled and sleeved posters

Poster Storage Rack Rolling Bin

From $795.00

  • All steel construction
  • Poster Storage Bin Finish: Silver
  • Tray Width 7 1/2"
  • Poster Storage Bin holds 161 rolled and sleeved posters

Poster Display Rack with Poster Bin Storage | 30 Swing Panels 2-Sided

From $1,759.00

  • Floor Stand Swinging Poster Rack with Storage Bin
  • All Steel Construction Retail Store Display Fixture
  • 30 Flip Poster Panels Size: 26" Wide x 37" High
  • Poster Storage: Holds 480 Rolled and Sleeved Posters
  • Easy Change Top Load Panels with Slot Opening
  • 30 Swing Panels Two-Sided | 60 Poster Images

Poster Display Rack with Poster Bin Storage (20 Panels)

From $1,899.00

  • All steel construction
  • Poster Panel Size: 40" Wide x 60" High
  • Panels are Top Loading
  • Poster Display Finish: Black
  • 20 Swing Panels (Shows 40 Poster Images)
  • Poster Storage: Holds 320 rolled and sleeved posters
Free Standing Poster Racks and Art Displays with Storage Poster Bins
Have lots of posters, prints or art to display, but not enough floor space to keep it all together? has the ideal poster display systems to display and organize your posters, artwork, photos and prints. You won’t find a free standing display fixture that more convenient. Swing offers several posters display stands with poster racks make a selection based on the amount of printed materials that you would like to showcase. Five of the Poster Racks featured have swinging panels that flip open, like a large book. A convenient poster storage bin is built into the units under the swinging poster panels. This storage poster rack is constructed to hold lots of rolled & sleeved posters. One of the poster stand display racks can hold up to 480 rolled and sleeved posters.

All Steel Construction Provides Sturdy Retail Poster Display Stands
Floor space may be limited but these multi panel poster display racks require little space and can fit comfortably and efficiently in most retail environments; such as, gift shops, memorabilia sports shops, museum stores or art galleries. Even in heavily trafficked environments, swinging poster stands with attached storage poster racks will hold up to constant browsing and flipping of panels and posters. Free standing poster display racks are constructed in steel and designed to attract attention and use.

Changing Your Posters and Prints on the Swinging Poster Display Panels is Easy
Swing Panels on the standing poster display racks are removable. The steel panel comes off easily so that you can insert your poster or print. Each poster flip display rack has panels that are designed with a slot positioned on top of each swinging panel. This slot allows you to drop in and easily update your poster panels and storage rack display bins. The freestanding poster display was designed to be convenient to flip and view posters on both sides of the swinging panels. The open poster rack storage bin below the flipping panels makes it easy to find and take the right poster or print.

More Multi Panel Poster Display Rack And Art Rack Systems
These are just some of the floor stand poster flip displays and art racks that SwingPanels offers. Look for a wide range of wall, floor and countertop and table top swinging poster panel displays, poster racks, art displays and poster bins and poster holders when you browse through this website.

These Free Standing Poster Display Racks with Poster Storage Racks can be viewed and ordered on

Select From 5 Poster Panel Displays with Convenient Poster Storage Racks
When selecting panels for your posters, consider the amount of panels and poster storage space you would like to have. Because each poster panel is viewable on both sides, a Poster Display rack with 10 swing panels provides 20 viewable sides. These sturdy steel poster stands are easily assembled and for interior use only. You won’t find a posters stand, art rack stand or an other art or poster display system that’s as efficient in presenting and storing lots of posters, prints or art all in one convenient display fixture.

Poster Display Rack with Poster Bin Storage – 10 Panels
Display lots of posters, prints and artwork this posters stand. This Free Standing Poster Rack with poster storage bin is constructed with steel and is an ideal retail poster display. Poster Rack Combo comes with 10 swinging panels that are viewable on both sides, and the convenient poster storage rack below the poster swing panels that will hold up to 120 rolled & sleeved posters.

Poster Display Rack with Poster Bin Storage – 15 Panels
Poster Stand with Swinging Poster Panels and Storage Bin has been an effective poster display in many retail stores for years. That’s because the free standing Poster Display Rack Combo is a display system that has a lot to offer but takes up very little floor space –a pretty good reason why this combo poster rack system is an ideal retail poster display choice. When you have a multitude of posters, prints and art to display, this multi panel display poster rack has the features to meet your poster display stand needs. It comes with 15 swinging poster panels and a print storage bin that will hold up to 240 rolled poster sleeves. The steel construction provides a durable poster display system that customers will flip and browse through for years to come.

Poster Display Rack with Poster Bin Storage – 20 Panels
Free Standing Swinging Poster Rack with Storage Poster Rack Display Bin, is a retail poster display system that can attract a lot of attention with limited floor space. The Poster Display Rack is a Combo Stand designed to display posters -lots of Posters, In fact 20 swinging poster panels will hold a multitude of posters and prints. The multi panel poster stand is designed with a convenient poster display bin below the flip poster panels. This poster rack storage bin will store up to 336 rolled & sleeved posters. The sturdy steel display construction will last for years.

Poster Display Rack with Poster Bin Storage – 24 Panels
Built to stand on its own the free standing poster stand can display posters, prints and artwork and a large amount of it! This Flip Poster Display Stand is constructed in steel and made for high traffic retail environments. This combo posters stand display with posters rack comes with 24 swinging panels viewable on 2-sides. The swing panels will fully display posters and prints. The convenient poster rack display storage bin is designed with a poster rack grid with slots that will hold up to 336 rolled & sleeved posters.

Poster Display Rack with Poster Bin Storage – 30 Panels
Free Standing Multi Panel Poster Display with Poster Holder Storage Bin is designed to present and display a multitude posters, art and prints, and take up little floor space. The Poster Display Rack Combo presents numerous posters and artwork simply by displaying them on 30 swinging poster panels and making it easy for customers to flip and view. It also comes with a convenient poster print storage bin below the swinging poster panels. This poster bin holds up to 480 rolled & sleeved posters. The Poster Rack Floor Stand is construction in steel and makes this Poster Flip Display with the swinging poster panels a convenient retail poster display system. Read More